The Origin of The New Zealand Taiwan Day


According to historical studies, it is possible that the ancestors of the New Zealand Maori may have originated from Taiwan over a thousand years ago. They sailed their carved canoes through the winds and waves to reach this beautiful land of the long white cloud. Thus, Taiwan and New Zealand have long established an intimate connection.

It was not until the end of the twentieth century that more people of the Republic of China (Taiwan) would arrive at this utopia of the Pacific. We, the immigrants of Taiwan have diligently built our new homes, contributing to local activities, and at the same time introducing New Zealand to the rich culture of Taiwan.


Situated in the east of the Pacific of the northern hemisphere, Taiwan is scenic and beautiful, its people are friendly and understated. Culturally, we have inherited all the beautiful aspects of Chinese traditions such as valuing the importance of moral principles, family values and folk heritage, whilst retaining the cultural customs of the indigenous people with an emphasis on environmental protection. On governance, the Republic of China (Taiwan) have ardently pursued democracy which has created the most democratic and liberal society amongst Chinese communities across the world.



On the economic development, Taiwan is built on a foundation of small to medium sized businesses; with a focus on innovation of new technology, it will continually work to achieve economic miracles. Currently, Taiwan is New Zealand’s eighth largest trading partner.

The collaboration of culture, governance and the economy etc. is evidenced in the world-renowned Taiwanese cuisine, Taiwan made computers (such as Acer, Asus), camera lenses (such as Largan). On environmental protection, the waters around Taiwan has some of the world’s most ancient living cold-water coral reef, Taiwan boasts one of the largest Mangrove forest preservation zone and the largest Piataiea minor habitat in the world. These are just some of the unique Taiwan character that the New Zealand Taiwanese community would like to share with our Kiwi friends.

In the hope that more of our Kiwi friends will come to understand the immigrants from Taiwan, we would like to establish from 2016, and on an annual basis, in the beautiful spring days of October, a vibrant event known as Taiwan Day. On this day, we will carefully prepare events, including spectacular Taiwan arts, music and dance from various Taiwan based and New Zealand community groups, introducing the indigenous culture of Taiwan, Taiwan’s landmarks, cuisine, and introduce Taiwan’s economic advancements and exhibit its unique products.


The hope is that through this event, more of our Kiwi friends will come to share and enjoy the rich cultures of Taiwan, increase understanding between communities and exchange to enhance collaboration between communities, gradually integrating to be part of multicultural New Zealand. With your participation and support, we are confident that from now on, the annual Taiwan Day will become a day that the Auckland community will eagerly anticipate and look forward to.

NZ Taiwan Day 2016

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