The very first New Zealand Taiwan Day

With the effort of the Taiwanese community in New Zealand and support of the Auckland City Council and the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Auckland, preparations began from the beginning of 2016 for the first New Zealand Taiwan Day, which was successfully held on 22 and 23 October 2016.

Since then, New Zealand Taiwan Day has become an annual event, successfully held on 9th and 10th September 2017 and 27th and 28th October 2018, and has become one of Auckland’s major multicultural activities.

On New Zealand Taiwan Day, we carefully prepared events, including spectacular Taiwan arts, music and dance from various Taiwan based and New Zealand community groups, introducing the indigenous culture of Taiwan, Taiwan’s landmarks, cuisine, and introduce Taiwan’s economic advancements and exhibit its unique products. In 2016, The Preparatory Committee of Taiwan Day also invited the Taichung City delegation from Taiwan to celebrate the 20th anniversary of friendship between Auckland and Taichung as sister cities.

Future Initiatives

The New Zealand Taiwan Day introduced our Kiwi friends to the rich and colorful mix of traditional Taiwanese culture. By sharing, we are encouraging greater understanding between cultures in the Auckland community, and developing mutual co-operation. In the hope that more of our Kiwi friends will come to understand the immigrants from Taiwan, we would like to establish, a vibrant event known as Taiwan Day to be held annually in the Auckland Spring.


The Preparatory Committee and the Taiwanese community sincerely hope for the continued support of you and your organization in Taiwan Day. We believe that in our joint efforts, New Zealand Taiwan Day will promote a positive image of Taiwan to the Auckland community and encourage a harmonious and diverse multi-cultural city that is filled with energy and vitality.








The hope is that through this meaningful event, more of our Kiwi friends will come to share and enjoy the rich cultures of Taiwan, increase understanding between communities and exchange to enhance collaboration between communities, gradually integrating to be part of multicultural New Zealand.




With your participation and support, we are confident that from now on, the annual Taiwan Day will become a day that the Auckland community will eagerly anticipate and look forward to.